Walking in the Spirit

How do to walk in the Revelation of Christ


We know the Scriptures, and many times we quote them, but what does it really mean to walk in the Spirit, and how do you do it?


This question is one that most Christians cannot outright answer for themselves. They believe they are walking in the Spirit and being led of the Spirit, but there is this constant uncertainty that keeps on nagging in one’s spirit, if he or she is truly seeking to know God in His fullness and seek to constantly walk in His Presence.


The Revelation of a true walk in the Spirit begins in the total surrender of our lives to His will and to being led by Him in all we are and in all we do. Most of us assume to live in such a state. The truth is that few of us really do!


How many decisions are made each day of our lives from which we exclude God and His will, simply by not asking Him for His will, allowing Him to lead us in His will, rather than merely following our own desires, passions or instincts?


One may reason that God has given us a good mind to be able to make our own decisions about life and to consult Him about the things we have no answers for. That is the problem and why most of us do not walk in the Spirit  - “reason” – Our human ability that we exercise as the lord’s over own lives. What “I think”, “I believe”, “I want”, “I am going to…”


It is the “I” that is still in charge and in command in us holding the rudder in our lives and steering us according to what we choose, that keeps us in the flesh and in charge of our own lives.


To truly walk in the Spirit requires of us a total denying of “I”. It requires death to self and to all of it’s lordship and a total yielding of ourselves to be led and guided by the Holy Spirit and by Him Alone. It requires for us to “become weak”, so He may be “strong” in our lives. It requires for us to “become as littler children”, who need to be guided by our Heavenly Father and to seek His will and advise in all we choose and do.


There is no independence in a life lived in the Spirit.  There is also no co-dependency; there is only a total surrender in full dependency upon God, upon His Wisdom, His, Power, His will, His purpose and His plan!


As we grow in our Union with God in the season to come, so will we learn what a true surrender means – A total giving of ourselves and of our lives to be fully guided, governed and led by the Holy Spirit.


We will learn to live in one accord with Christ, living the life of Union that Jesus shared with His father on earth. We will learn how He lived and we will begin to share his life with Him, as we yield ourselves to His Spirit to guide and to teach us, to instruct us and to lead us in His ways.


To the world this kind of life is utter foolishness. And not only to them, but also to those filled with the spirit of worldliness, who are religious in their walk with God, who proclaim Christianity without any true revelation of Christ or of what it means to share His Life on earth.


They cannot, nor will they ever accept anything that disagrees with the norm of the world and the trend set by their religious conviction and ways.


But to those who truly yield themselves to the Spirit of Christ, the Revelation will continue to become brighter and clearer and larger in their walk with God, until it will completely swallow them up to walk in the Spirit and to be totally yielded to His will in everything pertaining to themselves and to their lives!