The Essentials

The Lord has called each of His disciples to bring the Message of His Love restored to mankind to all men everywhere!


Are you a disciple of Christ? Then this commission applies to you also! This simple principle has been lost by those who have been born again in God's Kingdom. Religion has taught us that there are only certain people who need to be qualified by attending a special school who are qualified for this task and that the rest were called to be taught by them.


This, however, us not what the Bible teaches at all. Yes, sure there are leaders appointed by God, but such leaders have been called to equip others in order to become instruments in God's Kingdom!


The problem goes beyond this. Most people who are involved in service to the Kingdom,  believe that their God given task is to win souls, as many as possible! They believe that they were called to bring as many as possible to the "Christian faith". The problem is that Jesus commands His disciples to make disciples, not converts! A convert is someone whose knowledge of God is based upon a personal choice to "serve" Jesus and to become a part of some religious Institution of his or her choice, and to follow all the commandments of Jesus, believing to be saved as a result of praying "the prayer of salvation" and becoming religiously inclined.


Today there are millions of such religious converts that fill the pews of religious institutions around the world.


What is God's view of a true disciple? The Bible gives us quite a different picture of a disciple of Christ.  It describes a disciple as being an individual that is passionately in love with God, who has a deep and intimate walk with Him, who is constantly being transformed by the radiant Presence of His Glory, and who is constantly being formed, taught, molded, corrected and disciplined by the Holy Spirit. The Bible describes a  disciple as someone who has surrendered his or her entire life in service of God and His will, and who lives to express Him to the world in giving his or herself for His purpose to be made real in his or her life.


This is who Jesus calls His disciples to find, to teach what they have been taught, and to model after Christ in them! Disciples are called to make other disciples! People who would love and serve God as they love and serve Him.


For this discipleship school to work, we cannot make converts who we share a shortened version of the Gospel with and leave behind to find their own way. We have to introduce them to the Christ we love and know, and disciple them (model and teach them in the way the Holy Spirit has modeled and taught us). We have to allow God to do His work in them while guiding them along, as He did His work in us.


The reason why we are all qualified to do this is that we are not called to do anything more or less than what the Holy Spirit wants to do through us! Ge is the One leading, teaching and equipping.  We are called to allow Him to do His work in us and through us. No more!


Sure there are essentials that have to be taught and learned, and that's what leaders are for. Not to lead a passive audience who will remain passive for years on end. But to create leaders modeled after themselves. To bring those in their congregations  (or fellowships) to maturity, so they can go and become effective in their own unique way to serve the Kingdom also!


The true body of Christ was never called to be passive or to stay in one place for years on end. The true body of Christ is a factory producing workers for the Kingdom! We were not called to gather people around us, but to equip them and send them into service! A congregation packed to capacity is the sign of a sick church! Not a healthy one. It means people are being entertained and not challenged! It is the evidence of a people who are taught to stay, rather than brought to maturity to go and impact the world!


A healthy church has a healthy cycle of new believers coming in and mature one's being released to go out!


Ok, so now you know what you may have not known before - now what?


Well, let's say that what you have just read has deeply touched you. You really love Jesus and you do not want to disappoint Him in any way.  On the other hand, you are clueless as for how or where to begin to make a change.


That's where we come in! We would really like to hear from you and to possibly help and assist you in making a difference right where you are, in your own neighborhood and town, and it's really much easier than what you may imagine!


See we know, because just like you, the Lord has brought others to our doorstep who were as passionate, but also as clueless as you. And Ge has helped us to help these very same 'clueless people' to grow into servant-vessels of His Spirit in a fee of short months! Yes, you did not misread, it took only as little as six months of sitting under the teaching of the Holy Spirit for them to become effective in their own fellowships and ministries.


What's the secret to this rapid success? We want others to learn and to succeed! We do not want anyone to become dependent upon us, we want each person to become mature in his or her own personal relationship with God, where His Voice is heard and where He can use him or her effectively in His Kingdom.


There is another very essential ingredient!  What people are taught, is taught by pure Holy Spirit impartation.  The revelation they receive lives very far removed from the religious patterns taught in religious circles.


There is a deep understanding of God's Living Word that is sown into the lives of those who are in fellowship with us.


The third essential is the practical experience of God's Spirit and His work which people learn to become a part of.


These three essential ingredients forms and molds men and women to become all that God destined them to be!


If you feel stirred by the Holy Spirit by what you have just read, come into contact with us, even if you feel a few butterflies flying around in your stomach.  We are here to help you and we are just as ordinary as you!



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God bless you!