Living the Christ-Life

He died, so that He may Live!


What does it mean to be a “Christian”?


Today, there are innumerable versions of “Christianity”, even among so-called “Spirit-filled” believers. This ironically, is really evident of how few are Spirit-filled, because if we were, we would be Union with God and as a result in unity with another!


The most direct answer to this question will never be found in doctrines or in the opinions and believes of men. It can only be correctly answered in association with Christ Himself – He died so that He may live His Life in and through us!


To be a Christian is to live a life in full surrender to Christ. To have dedicated your life to become a duplication of His Life, wherein His Nature, Character and Personality may be expressed, seen and experienced.


Recently the LORD shared discipleship with me as being, “Focusing your eyes on Jesus and then allowing Him to change you into becoming what you see!”


That is about how simple it should be. We need no more than a Revelation of Christ and to allow the inner working of the Holy Spirit to change us to become the Revelation of what we see.

A true disciple of Christ is an individual in whom Christ lives His Life and through whom He expresses His Life in this world. We are called to live the Christ-Life, irrespective of where we live or what we are called to do in this life, Christ and all of His Person should be expressed through us as a Light in the world!


This “Christ-Life” requires our full surrender and the dedication of our lives to become all He desires for us to be.


I believe that He is unfolding Himself in the lives of men and women around the world at this time, as never before. There is a Christ-awakening! People are tired of people entertaining them. A great hunger and a Christ have come to be fully saturated with the reality of Christ and His Life.


In this coming season we will see a clearer separation between the sheep and the goats. Between those truly living in surrender and those who claim “Christianity” for their convenience at the expense of Christ!