The ABC's

Allowing the LORD, to be LORD!


The most important foundation in beginning a new fellowship is that it must be the result, or the fruit, that came as a direct impulse of the Holy Spirit.


You have to be sure that it is not you who desire to do something for God, but that it is He Who has called you, and desires for you to become instrumental in His plan and in His purpose. When these roles are reversed, you will end up building what you presume to be good and right, and what you assume will be pleasing to God, but that at the end, will turn out to be the making of your own hands, built with wood, straw and mud. When it is God working in and through us, rather than we, working for Him, or on His behalf, there will be much fruit in what He is able to bring about through our willing submission and obedience, to produce about His will through our lives.


The second important part of laying the foundations of what we are about to build with Him, is to allow Him to lead us in all we do, and not to begin to build according to what we imagine He wants.


The ideal way of beginning and operating these fellowship meetings is to do so as the Spirit wills and leads. This takes all the pressure to perform out of us, and also allows these meetings to be unique in the way they take on shape. No two meetings should ever be the same. There should never be a specific pattern to a meeting that can be traced. All meetings should be organic in nature, meaning that we allow Jesus to come by His Spirit and to be the very center of our attraction, as we simply give ourselves and the meeting to Him, allowing Him to lead us in whatever direction He chooses to steer us.


We allow Him to unfold His unique program in each meeting and yield ourselves to follow. This frees the meetings from any expectancy of a program and what is perceived as being necessary to make it a success. We are no longer focused or worried, or in need of music to worship, rather, we soak in His Living Presence, being so aware of His Presence leading us, that become oblivious to anything and everything else! Rather than opening the Bible and reading Scripture, and then sharing our ideas and interpretation from it, we allow Him to share His Living Word in the Spirit, and to bring us His Living Revelation in Words spoken by His Spirit.


All things become Christ centered and as a result so does the people who attend the meetings. They are taught to grow into intimacy with Christ, to keep their eyes and hearts on Him, to be led of the Spirit, and when they all come together as a fellowship, they share the wonder of Union in the Spirit with Him as He leads organically (unstructured and freely as He wills without any interference of human origin).


This also results in the body beginning to function. As each person begins to grow into a beautiful individual intimacy and fellowship with the Holy Spirit, so He begins to share His Word and Visions in them. Some dream, others hear His Voice, others see Visions, some receive prophetic Words of impartation, others speak in tongues, and more, and so the body begins to minister to one another, growing together in this beautiful Revelation of Jesus Christ, as He unveils Himself in them, and to them in their meetings.


In this environment there no longer exists the need for anyone to be seen or heard, God simply removes those who are self-centered that become stumbling blocks, and He unites those who remain under His Authority and in His Presence.


Leaders will rise organically as the Holy Spirit moves upon them, and they will have the willing submission of the people as a result of the Anointing being recognized upon them. Their supreme task will be to focus others on Christ and to lead them into His Presence. Again, God simply removes those who seek to lead for the sake of personal glory and to be seen, and those who simply seek position in leadership, rather than being servants in leading others into His Presence.


So how do you begin that first meeting?


Gather everyone together, make them all aware that the meeting will be about Jesus and Him only, and that all activity in that meeting will be by the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit. Share with them that He Alone will decide what will happen and how, and that they are all there just to worship Him and to allow His Presence to lead and to unfold His Glory in them.


Lead them into a time of prayer, first verbal band then into silent prayer, until the Holy Spirit would direct where He wishes to go, whether it would be in the utterance of Anointed Spirit-spoken prayer, or into the singing of a song. Whether in the utterance of a prophetic Word, or in the Revelation of the spoken Word, or whether just in silent adoration of His Presence – He will come and take charge of the meeting and lead it as He wants it to flow, and in the order of what needs to happen in sequence.


As this organic flow of the Spirit is followed, you can be assured of the most wonderful experiences and expressions of Christ ever imagined! He will reveal Himself in your midst. He will reveal Himself to individual people and their lives will be impacted and changed by the experience in ways  you can never imagine!


Always make CHRIST the center of it all!

Never try to impress, but allow Him to EXPRESS!

Make it your greatest ambition to allow others to

Grow into a deep and INTIMATE relationship with Him, and in all you do, make sure that they experience Him in the reality of His Being and fall deeply in Love with His Person and His Presence!



Growing and grooming new leaders.


How does the structure work and where does the leaders come from?


Let me begin by answering the second part of the question first. The leaders come from among the people! The focus of these fellowships is to develop men and women for their individual task in becoming actively involved in growing the Kingdom. Every individual that becomes a part of these fellowships, is recognized as a leader, being formed and equipped to grow into the instruments fulfilling the individual plan that God had intended to accomplish through their lives.


Not everyone will necessarily lead a fellowship, there are many functions to fulfill, but those who ultimately do lead fellowships, will come out of them, even if the original person who began a fellowship was not a part of one before, they still would have joined themselves to the Fellowship of the Believers to be equipped by our on-line teaching programs and personal mentorship to lead a fellowship in their community. From these fellowships others are groomed to go and to establish more fellowships, as they are prepared and led to do by the Holy Spirit.


The Vision and purpose of these fellowships is not to grow numbers, getting as many to come and keeping them there for as long as possible, but rather to impact and to equip people who are there, and to send them to go and to impact others. The process is on going with more and more fellowships being established that at the end all form a part of one large family tree.



Leaders & Leadership Structure


These fellowship leaders are groomed and nurtured by teaching material they receive either in person, or from our on-line resources. They also gather together weekly (where it is possible to do so) for leadership and ministry teaching and impartation meetings Where it is possible they also attend our leadership and ministry impartation school.



The Fellowship Structure


As far as the individual fellowships are concerned, each operate fully self-sustained, forming a part of a greater family of fellowships.


We encourage each fellowship to remain a part of the larger family structure of Fellowship of the Believers, in order for the Holy Spirit to be able to speak those things the LORD wants to communicate with His body into the lives of all.


We believe this to be similar to the structure and the harmony of the early church, being one church gathered in many different locations, and the way God had intended for His body to remain one, and to remain under the leadership and the Lordship of His Spirit.








Helping others in fulfilling their task.


We believe in providing individual attention and support to our leaders and those they lead. Not only in their capacity as leaders, but also in their personal lives.


Many of our leaders are mentored by us, and have also approached us to help and advise them in their personal lives.


We are committed to help and to support wherever we can.