Reach - Teach - Send!

When I first started in the ministry in 1991, I met a pastor who invited me to preach, he called the name of his ministry “Reach, Teach & Send Ministries”, the name immediately struck a note with me! It was to me the clearest commission of what the Lord had sent us to do that could be captured in the name of a ministry! He has long since passed into glory and the ministry as a result no longer exists. The name, however, continues to live on in our own ministry and has been adopted as our mission to not only reach those whom the Lord adds to our number but to teach them to be sent as well.


The mission of Fellowship of the Believers is to equip those who are joined to us for the purpose of discovering their own unique calling in the Lord, to help them develop by the influence of the Holy Spirit, and to ultimately send them to go out to fulfill their own purpose in the Kingdom. We do not work to gather saints for the sake of having large numbers, our mission is to have many people actively pursuing their calling and living their mission.


When we have twenty or thirty individuals in any fellowship, we see the potential for thirty new fellowships to be established out of that group! Of course, not everyone’s gift is the same, there are also those who have a ministry of helps, who work to assist others in whatever they need to run the fellowships successfully. The important thing is that our focus is on reproducing, not gathering. Each individual has the potential to be developed to bring forth a fellowship, each fellowship raised through them has the potential to raise several more fellowships, so the cycle infinitely continues!


One may ask the question – “So how does this structure work? To whom do these fellowships belong, are you not simply creating another “brand” with a different flavor?”


No, not at all! The Fellowship of the Believers belongs to no one individual, except to the Lord Himself. The name of this ‘movement’ is descriptive in nature, it simply describes what it is – a “Fellowship of Believers”!


We do however teach our fellowships to remain a part of the greater family of fellowships, and not to fall into the trap of making a fellowship their own. We want to celebrate the Lordship of the Holy Spirit, collectively hear what the Lord is imparting to us from those whom He has appointed to lead the movement, as well as know that we have the freedom and the liberty to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in our own individual fellowship, as we come together to worship, pray and share the Word with each other.


Fellowship of the Believers is a vehicle through whom the Lord has chosen to bring people back into a personal experience of His Spirit, where they develop a deeply intimate and personal relationship with the Holy Spirit, and where they are prepared for their unique task and contribution as active role players in the body of Christ.