We believe that God is reforming His people at this time and that He is revealing to us what has been lost due to a religious system and practice of worship. He is bringing His people back into intimacy with Him and He is restoring them to worship Him in the Revelation of Who He really is   ... READ MORE


    FOB's mission is to inspire people to a deep, intimate and personal relationship of fellowship with the LORD. To grow into Union with the Holy Spirit and to become the living reflection of His Being. To come to experience Him through Revelation in Word, in Spirit and in being moulded into His Image through a life of yielded discipline in discipleship   ... READ MORE


    Fellowship of the believers is a non religious movement among believers who gather to rediscover and capture the true essence and  of being  a living part of the body of Christ on earth, through intimacy with God

    ... READ MORE


    What is happening right now? Do you know? Can you read into God's program and what He is preparing His bride for at this time. We would like to share some of the things the Lord has shared with us with regards to our present time and the coming days  ... READ MORE


    Explore our on-line teaching library specifically designed for those who seek to be led into intimacy with Christ, schooled by His Spirit and equipped for their service.


    A collection of Videos, Mp3 audio, podcasts and much more   ... READ MORE


    A full collection of resources, including  on-line teachings, notes and personalized video and audio to assist those in FOB fellowships  around the nation

    ... READ MORE


    Are you considering beginning a new fellowship in your area? Do you identify the immediate need for one? If so, we would like to help you not to simply begin a "house church" that is bound to just become another religious program in a different location. We would like to share with you what God has shared with us in creating a true place of intimacy, providing real personal growth in the Lord   ... READ MORE


    When considering the beginning of a new fellowship there are a few important things to know and to make room for. We would like to share some of these with you to help you prepare yourself in hosting a fellowship at your home   ... READ MORE


    Although we encourage every fellowship to simply follow the leading of the Holy Spirit when coming together, and to trust the Lord to inspire His Word and to work in the way He wants to, there are certain valuable Truths which the Lord is sharing with His people at this time as foundations being restored to lead us back into His Presence. We would like to make these available to you, so you can share them in your fellowship   ... READ MORE


    The Holy Spirit is stirring the hearts of people all over the world as a new apostolic season is rising with the purpose of restoring the body of Christ on earth and bringing people into a true and authentic relationship with God. We gladly share some of this content with you and page links with you   ... READ MORE


    Explore our video teaching collection (English and Afrikaans), as well as our Mp3 audio library.

    There are also several teachings that can be obtained in our on-line archive   ... READ MORE


    You are most welcome to contact us with any questions or for support.


    Email us at - fellowshipofthebelievers@gmail.com

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