The New Apostolic Season

God’s new current day mission


Most Spirit-filled people shrink back at hearing the word “apostle” or “apostolic”, and I don’t blame them! The term has become a cheap word in our time and has been used and abused by unscrupulous characters that are out for their personal gain. It has been used for every possible reason, except as what it was intended to be in the original use thereof in the Word.


For many years I used to shrink back at hearing about the “apostolic” too, the problem for me was that it  WAS IN THE BIBLE, so although I realized that nothing I heard or saw at the present time was reflecting the true meaning of what it really meant, I also knew that there was something that we all were missing – That it was important and very relevant in its use in the Word, and that somehow there was a key that would unlock the mystery of what the term really meant, that would leave us all in awe once we discovered it.


And what was up with the description of the word as it was explained in our concordances – Words such as “sent one”, or “Special Messenger”, had to somehow unlock the true purpose and meaning of the word and bring us into the full understanding and interpretation of this mystery. For the better part, that sounded even more confusing than it was helpful. What was so “special” about them? It just did not seem to make any sense, since Paul describes them to be anything but “special” in terms of how we understand the word – He calls them the “off-scouring of all things”, forgotten and forsaken by their brethren in their time of need!


A few months ago, by God’s grace this mystery unfolded in my spirit, and for the first time in my life, I saw and clearly could understand why the name “apostle” was used and what the true significance of the “apostolic” really in essence was.


The word has its origin in the time period of the early church. Why is this important? It is important because that was when the Gospels were first written. You see, most of us assume that when Jesus left for Heaven, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John decided to sit down and write the Gospels, scribing everything they could remember that Jesus said and did, so that it could be taught and shared with others. The fact is that the four Gospels were only written 65-70 years after Jesus had ascended to Heaven! At least two generations had passed, before the four Gospels, as well as the rest of the New Testament letters were ever recorded.


So when the disciples recorded the Gospels, they did so use words and terminology that would speak to their present day audience, and that would make the message as clearly communicated as possible. The use of the word “apostle”, describing the twelve disciples of Jesus, was one such a word that was used because of its relevance in the world at that particular moment of time. It was a descriptive word that would clearly communicate their mission to the whole world because it was a word that was commonly known throughout the world during that time.


So where does the word come from, and what did it mean? As I have already stated, the word has its origin from the Roman Empire, who at the time, ruled most of the modern world.


Whenever Rome wanted to expand the empire and its influence into a new territory, a special mission was called to do so. A commander was chosen for the mission, a ship dedicated to the task and a clear directive given as to the place and the specific task to be accomplished in establishing Roman authority in a particular area that had up to that point remained free from Roman rule.


This entire mission – including the commander, the ship, the crew as well as the mission itself in establishing a new Roman civilization, was called an “APOSTOLIC” (meaning the establishing of a new mission).


When the disciples had to choose a single word to best describe their position relating to the Kingdom of God, and the mission they had been sent to accomplish, they could find no word being more relevant to describe their unique task! They had been commissioned by the King of kings, to go out into the entire world and to establish His Kingdom on earth in the new virgin territory!


They were men in service, commissioned by the High Authority of Heaven to carry out their special mission in bringing Heaven to earth, and establishing the  Kingdom of  God's Authority in every part of the world, as they would be designated and sent forth by the Holy Spirit to do so.


This puts an entirely ‘new spin’ on the true meaning behind the use of the name “apostle”, and brings those who are called to bear the calling associated with this descriptive term to service, rather than to lordship! By this, we then come to understand that when Paul calls himself an “apostle of Jesus Christ”, he does so in positioning himself as one being under Authority and in service, firstly to Christ and His mission, and to as to His fellow men! In essence, Paul used the term to say, “I am no longer my own, but I have given my life in service of My Master to be sent by Him in whatever capacity He chooses to use me to establish His will on earth. I am a servant under Authority of my Master, sent in service of His will.”


This beautifully ties in with the rhythm of the rest of Paul’s life and the essence of the example of servant hood, humility, and sacrifice, he so boldly demonstrated as being “a drink offering being poured out upon the altar” for his fellow men.


It also serves to affirm the fact that the apostles were not supermen or VIP’s, but shared the respect of all in leading by the example of the life of service and self-sacrifice they demonstrated in living the Christ-life and following in the very example set by Jesus Himself!

With this new understanding of the true apostolic move of God upon the earth, let us now look with fresh understanding at the true and meaningful impact of the term “apostolic” and understand it as a new move of God that He chooses to release in the earth by His appointment, to be established by His Authority among human kind, by those whom He has called and commissioned to serve in the task.


Today, there is without a doubt again such a new apostolic season that is unfolding upon the earth. This new mission, commissioned by the Father, has to do with establishing His original order and design for His church on earth in this day and age.


When the Lord first shared this new Heavenly Vision with me, He shared the revelation of the continuance of the Book of Acts. I saw Acts chapter 29 written, not on earth, but in Heaven! He showed me a new dispensation of people who would once again become the living expression of His Spirit-Life on earth!


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He described it as “the planting of a new tree”.


The Lord said,


“I am about to plant a brand new tree that is pure and unpolluted. This tree will be the planting of My Own hand and will be free from all religious contamination. My people will once again be able to take refuge within this tree and be nourished by its fruit. This tree will be pure, from its roots to its fruits.”


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This tree, of course, was the re-establishing of God’s original church, the apostolic church, as it once was received from Heaven, a living organism of believers, joined together in God’s Love and in the Union of His Spirit-Life!


The Fellowship of the Believers


Soon afterwards the Lord began talking to me about the specific mission He was sending me to commission with Him, He spoke of The Fellowship of the Believers, He wanted to establish a whole new way of defining what had become known as “church”, moving away from the hierarchal system that had been created by religion, to a church that did not consist of buildings, but being a living organism, a living temple of worship, where He would be worshiped in the Living reality of His Living Presence. Where people would experience His Life in Word and in the demonstration of His Spirit. Where the focus would be on Christ and on no one else. Where the only form of ‘control’ would be the Holy Spirit and His Love saturating His people and leading them into a deep unending revelation of Christ.  Where people will be defined by their relationship with Christ and not by belonging to a specific religious body. A church that will belong to no one except to the Lord, where there will be no boundary walls except God’s Love and no attraction except for the drawing of His Spirit. A church where His people will come to experience true Union with Him and with another by His Spirit.


A few weeks after receiving this Heavenly Vision and commission, I was led to read Acts chapter four, I opened it in the New International version, as I began to read the latter part of the chapter, the heading read – “The Fellowship of the Believers”!


The Lord had reaffirmed with me that He was leading us to a new era of rediscovering the ancient paths that led the early church into a life saturated with His Glory and led by His very Presence – A Life that expressed His Life and that had their very being in His Being – We were rediscovering the Book of Acts in our present day and age and the new apostolic church of Christ on the earth would rise, a church free from man-made religion and the theory and theology that originated from the mindsets of men. His church would once again be LED as it was in the early days. He would once again become our Teacher, our Guide, and our Leader and He would teach us what we could learn only from Him and Him Alone – A new dispensation of revelation had come. God was again sharing His secrets from the Secret Place and drawing His people back to walk in the Garden of His Presence – We are entering the new apostolic season of the Spirit!


Today we have several fellowships that have been established in various areas and the number is growing weekly, the Vision is for these fellowships to be established all over South Africa. Not as another denomination, but as being the body of Christ gathering together in the Union of His Spirit – Free from any affiliation except being a living part of Christ and His Life.