Fellowship Of The Believers

Rediscovering the true essence of being the body of Christ on earth


Some years ago the Holy Spirit began challenging me about what had become the accepted norm as the church in our society and time. He also challenged me to in certain respects to my own ministry.


At the time I had a traveling ministry and was ministering to large audiences in tent meetings, halls and in open air meetings.


The Lord began taking me on a journey through Scripture. comparing it with how the church was being practiced, He did the same with my ministry, that affected so many lives, and yet provided no answer for people to continue to grow once I left an area.


As I considered what Jesus really had said and told us to do, compared to what we were doing at the time, and as I reconsidered our version of what we presented the church to be, I found my own ministry, as well that of the church in general, to be far removed from anything God wanted and had instructed in His Word!


The truth was crystal clear - We were never meant to make converts! We were called to lead people into an intimate love-affair with Jesus. We were to be vessels filled with God's Life and His Love, through whom He could express Himself to the world, and draw all men unto Him. The Lord wanted us to share with others what we had come to experience in our own lives, and to disciple them by allowing the Holy Spirit to teach them through us.


As far the church was concerned, it was never intended or designed for a building because the church was a building! It was God's Own building consisting of those in whom He dwelt as His living temples on earth.


Yet what was considered as 'church', had become a building with a sign outside, and in every city, there seemed to be a silent competition to see who could have the nicest building filled with the most people. In these buildings most of those who attend scarcely know each other. For the most part, they know each other from shaking hands on Sundays, and that's about how far as it goes. They gather on a Sunday to hear a preacher preach, but never grow to the place where they themselves can become instruments through whom God may advance His Kingdom. Year in and year out the same patterns continue and so does the program followed by most of these institutions.


I can of course rattle on and on about all the deficiencies of these monstrosities by pointing out issues such as the greed for money, and how most of these institutions are run as corporate businesses. I can also point out that most of what they do in the lines of 'preaching' is really done to accommodate the people that attend their meetings. The preaching of the Word of the Lord is scarcely found if all presented.


But let me take a turn away from the negative side of things, and let me tell you what God showed me and how it has affected my life and my ministry ever since He did.


As I stated before, I used to minister to large audiences in the past. The problem was that although they were saved, healed and delivered, there was no way of teaching them the deeper Life in Christ. They were pretty much deserted after four wonderful days of having a deep impact and a Christ-awakening within their lives. This left many in desperation to grow more and more intimately with the Lord, but they had no one to take them there, no one to talk to, no one to ask how they could go deeper with the Lord.


Then something happened that would change the entire direction of my ministry, you see I was geared towards more, greater and bigger! I wanted to keep advancing until we saw stadiums of people touched by God. Graciously the Lord, Who knew the purity of my intentions, led me in the way He wanted me to serve Him, and away from how I imagined He wanted me to serve Him!


One day I received an invitation to minister a series of "revival" meetings down on the South Coast of South Africa. In preparation for these meetings, I heard the Holy Spirit saying, "I am going to restrict your ministry in these meetings, because I do not want you to minister to these people, I want you to take them by the hand and lead them into My Presence as I have led you, and I want you to teach them what I have taught you, so that they too may come to where you are".


This was a new concept to me, and to be honest I had no idea how to do it, so I just surrendered myself to the LORD, trusting that He would lead me and that He would come and do the work the way He wanted it done, through me. What a time we had during those four days. The impact was so great that the pastor asked me to stay for the next forty days! The Holy Spirit led me to expose myself and to become completely transparent, not as a preacher, but as His disciple. He led me to share our most intimate times, and what I had experienced with Him over the years. His Presence was so soft, pure and so Authentic that even the hardest men among those in attendance broke down into tears, just weeping in His Presence, not because anyone prayed for them, but just simply being in the meeting! I still remember one of them who was controlling the sound at the back of the church, as the Spirit of God overcame him there where he was sitting, he wept so much that he had to remove his glasses to wipe the tears that freely flowed. People just broke in the Presence of Love!


When I finally left, so did the "revival". The pastor simply turned away from what the Lord had done and continued with the program as nothing had ever happened there! The people were devastated and phoned me in tears wanting to know, "What do we do now? Now that we have experienced all of this, how do we just carry on with our lives as though it never happened?"


Then the Lord began showing me how the religious order of the day had become the very vehicle resisting His Spirit in favor of what men decided and what men wanted. God had become an intruder in the very place they had (erroneously so) called "His house"!


God began leading me on a journey where He redefined everything that I had up to that point considered as being the "church". I began seeing that the church was a living organism that was not fixed to any structure, that the true church could never be segregated by doctrine because they would not listen to any other Voice, but that of their Master. I began to understand that the church was a fellowship of believers and that the Holy Spirit would be the Leader, Teacher, and Guide of His Own people.


There are so much more that the Lord has revealed and keeps revealing, many of which are shared on this website in our resource library in the form of articles, videos and MP3's.


The Fellowship of the Believers was initiated soon after as a non-religious move of the Spirit where people are led in true worship, taught by the Spirit and disciplined into a discipled life to come to know the Way of intimacy with the Lord -  the Way of the Gospel!


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