Begin Right, Build Right, End Right!

Making sure you are building with everlasting stones.


Today there are many great things built in the Name of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom, few of which has been Authorized by Him. Much of what we see today that has been built in the Name of the LORD, really has been the creative constructions of man’s own making.


The most important thing to know when you are building for the Kingdom is that you are in fact building as the Holy Spirit is directing you to build. That you are a co-laborer with God in that what He wants to construct, and that you are not attempting to build your own building on behalf of Him or the glory of His Name. God has called us to co-labor with Him, He does need our cooperation, our yielded obedience in being in willing service of that which He wants to bring about. He does not need us or call us to build a statue in His Name, or to construct anything that came out of ourselves to bring Him glory. He is most glorified by His servants cooperating with Him in building those things that flow from His Own heart.


That’s why it is so important to discover your motive before you begin building anything for God. Is it Heavenly? Is it pure? Is what you are about to build something you are doing in obedience to God’s will? Or is it a ‘great idea’? Is it perhaps something you see that you could do that would enhance or build His Kingdom? Coming back to the motivational side, are you perhaps motivated by anger or hurt to do attempt what you are considering to build? What are the true roots that are driving your passion?


These are some of the most important questions to answer before you begin to anything in God’s Kingdom. Because if what you are about to start is rooted in anything that is not pure and inspired by the Holy Spirit, you are going to start wrong, and if you start wrong, you are going to build wrong and eventually end wrong also!


In order to have a building (a work of God) that will stand in eternity, you have to build with God, not for God! You have to cooperate with Him and do what you do as you are led by the Holy Spirit to do so.


You need to have one motive only, and that should be to do what you are doing because God has commissioned you and for no other reason. You should do it for the sake of obedience, whether it brings you any immediate reward in doing so, or none at all. Whether you are seen in your sacrifice, or whether you remain hidden, serving below the surface where no one sees, recognizes or acknowledges what you are doing for His Kingdom at all. You should be doing what you are doing because you are doing it in obedience to Him and for Him, and for no one else!


When you begin to build in this manner, the recognition of men on earth becomes of least importance and makes the least impact upon your life. For you are not in service of men but in service of the One Who has sent you and commissioned you to co-labor with Him in serving His will on earth, not yours!