The Agape Life of Fellowship

Living in Union with God’s heart and in one accord with another


Agape is a term few people truly understand. Because it really can only ever be understood in our experience thereof, never in our intellectual knowledge of the word.


AGAPE – Or the “Love of God” has no relation to what we understand love to be in our human experience of being kind and loving etc. Many people mistake God’s Love for the human kind, and that it why we have the false perception thereof among many who do not want to “judge” others by telling them the truth, but who try and reach them in “love”, believing it to be God’s preferred way of dealing with mankind.


AGAPE relates to God Himself. It is a word describing to us not what God possesses, buy Who He IS. God IS LOVE. His entire Being consists of Love and radiates Love. His Holiness is Love expressed. His Purity is Love expressed. His judgments are Love expressed. There is simply no part of God that does not express Love, because His very substance is Love.


This begins to give us a fraction more understanding about what Love means in terms of God and of His Person, His Nature, Character and Personality.


When this kind of Love possesses our lives, it is evident that God has taken full possession of us and that His very Being is being expressed in and through our lives. This is a supernatural demonstration and manifestation through the lives of those whom He fully has come to possess. It is also the evidence that He tells us each of us will have inside of us that will cause us to love one another and that will draw us together as a community set apart in this world, all sharing the exceptional quality of being possessed by His Spirit and filled with His Agape-Life.


This working of His Life in ours really has nothing to do with us! We can never acquire it by anything we do. There is in reality only one way we can ever become partakers of His Love and that is to fully give ourselves to be emptied of all we are, so that he may fill us with all He Is. That is about as far as our participation goes and what is required from Him by us – The rest is a SUPERNATURAL work of His Spirit inside of us!


When we live so fully possessed by His Love, Jesus said, the world will know that we are truly a part of Him, because they will se that as the Father filled Him to the fullest measure of His Spirit, so we are given to the Father also, as He was on earth, to be equally filled in all our being.


The first church bore evidence of these words spoken by Jesus, as we see the very first fruits of the Holy Spirit, after they had been fully filled with God’s Life in the upper room, being expressed through them. The Bible said that they no longer had any value in the things of this world, nor were they afraid of sharing what they had among each other. How otherworldly! How unnatural to the natural DNA and behavior or the human species after the fall! Instead of getting, they were giving! What a transformation and what a change! What evidence that they had been POSSESSED by God to the fullest measure of His LIFE being witnessed through them!


They were free from the world – Free indeed! The Truth had set them free! Christ in the full expression of His Love was manifested and demonstrated, and the Bible said that the world took note that they had been so changed, because of the Love of God that was expressed among each other.


More than that, it was noted that GREAT GRACE was upon them all, and no one from the outside who was not so filled with the Spirit, “durst join them”, for they recognized the Spirit of God within them and upon them! They became a company set apart, recognized by the Love of God expressed within them and among them, just like Jesus said it would be.


I believe that as the true bride of Christ is coming into this new season of Heavenly Revelation, we too, as the first church, will become so full of His Love, that we will again see people express Him as never before. That His Love in us, will overtake our love for this world, and that we will be drawn together in unity, as we each are filled to begin a life in Union with Him.


God yet has a company of believers on earth in who He will demonstrate the Truth, and they will, in this season again leave the rest of the world in wonder!