The Love Union

Union and unity are words often used, but mostly misunderstood. They are usually for the better part used to describe things outside any relationship with God, and yet unity originates from God and revolves around God. There can in reality be nothing that is truly united in the sense of eternal value that does not originate from a Union with God.


Lets take marriage for instance. A whole lot of people marry daily around the world, believing that they thereby are becoming “one”, and they do so in God’s Name, believing that He is the One Who is so uniting them, while in most cases neither of these individuals have any relationship with God at all! They do what they do because someone has told them that that is what should be done, who in turn has heard it from someone else. Neither of them really knows what they are doing, or what the true meaning or significance is of the tradition they are following. That’s the way you get married and it’s how everyone has been doing it for centuries, and that’s enough for him or her.


The truth is that can be no true unity in any relationship in God, unless a personal Union exist between God and each of those individuals seeking to be united in Him and in His Name.


Union and unity always originates out of God if it is be authentic in nature and lasting over time. That is why most relationships fall apart, even when they are proclaimed to being united in God “until death do us part”.


God is the Author of unity. He is the Source of unity. All unity stems from Him and from the life of an individual who shares such a Union with Him.


All our personal problems can be traced back to one source – a lack of Unity with God! Every rebellious thought and action, and everything in us that is functioning outside of God’s will in our lives, is as a direct result of our lack of having fully submitted ourselves in those areas to His Authority, to come into perfect harmony and unity with God and with His expressed will for our lives.


The same is true as far as our marital problems is concerned. The reason why we cannot come into unity with each other, and the reason why we keep butting our heads and being disagreeable, is because either one party, or both, are living outside of Union with God and His will, in their lives.


When both parties are not living in a place where they are fully surrendered to the Holy Spirit to govern them, and where they love the Lord and are united with Him and live in Union with His Spirit in them, there can and will never be unity between them.


The beginning of unity between a man and woman, is the yielding of themselves as individuals to be led of the Holy Spirit.  When each of them lives in harmony with God, neither of them will have a problem to be harmony with the other.


When God, Who is Love, comes to fill me and to saturate my life with His Life that is Love, all that will pour out of me will be His Person of Love. When my wife chooses to yield herself to God in the same measure of surrender in yielding herself to be filled with His Person, all that will flow from her being will be the Beauty and the expression of God and of His pure and radiant Love. When two such people are united together in God, they do so in the living reality of each living in Him, and as a result coming together to be brought into the Unity of His Person – they are then truly united in (under) God!


Such relationships under God’s government and stewardship are beautiful to experience and to behold! There is a natural unity that neither party has to work for, there is mutual respect and there is a natural submission, as much as there is a natural covering and guardianship that can be seen, felt and detected. God is in the midst of the relationship and is expressed in the relationship.


Marriage, in God’s eyes, is one of the most sacred institutions. The reason for this is that it reflects the perfect union that should exist between two individuals so perfectly in love with another, that nothing would ever be strong enough to separate them from the love they have for another. God has given this union between man and wife, so that we may know and experience what kind of a relationship and bond He desires with each of us in His Spirit.


That is why there is nothing that grieves the Spirit more than when two people, united in Him, disagree, argue and snarl at each other – Nothing hurts God more! Nothing causes the Holy Spirit to draw away quicker! Because no room exists in God for us to live in disagreement with Him when we say that we love Him. Love brings Union, submission, a willing surrender. Love cares more for the other than it does for itself. When unity is absent from the relationship, unity with God is absent also! Not only in collectively, but also individually. It the flesh that is given predominance and the opportunity to stir up pride, self importance and self defense, that causes the Holy Spirit to be shunned and to withdraw. He does not live in discord or where strive prevails. Where He is present, He brings Union with Himself and unity among all men.



Recently my wife and I had a very brief disagreement, although it was an instant exchange of words that left us both unhappy for a short few minutes before apologizing to each other and restoring our relationship, I immediately sensed the grieving of the Holy Spirit in our behavior. I could feel the hurt of the Spirit! He was grieved (sorrowful) and disappointed in our behavior and there was no denying it. I could not shake the conviction that He was deeply hurt, and could not help but sense that we were no longer in the state of Union as before. I deeply repented to the Lord and asked for His forgiveness and restoration. It took almost half and hour before I could sense that our relationship was fully restored to what it was before this argument.


God is deeply grieved when our marriages violate the purpose of resembling the image that He designed for them to portrait! He is unhappy when we walk out of Union with Him and therefore out of unity with another. A man and a women are called to be in Union with Him and in unity with another, outside of this relationship as our reality, we are simply bearing a form of godliness as far as our marriage is concerned, but the reality looks far from it and is not at all true!


So here is the secret to a wonderful marriage – Get filled with the Holy Spirit, live full of His Presence, give yourself unconditionally for Him to express Himself in and through your life, and as you do, and your partner does, His Presence will become the unbroken Seal of your fellowship with each other.


So where do you begin to build a happy marriage, you begin by building a happy marriage between you and God. You begin by giving yourself to Him to have full access and full control in your life, giving Him full Authority in you. Once your relationship with God is harmonized, your relationship with your spouse will become beautiful also!